Systema: The Art of Acceptance

The degree of efficiency in Systema depends on how relaxed you are. By getting rid of your inner tensions and applying specific breathing techniques you learn how to successfully master stressful situations. Systema is a free martial art that values fluid movements, respect and modesty and makes you stronger, more flexible and self-confident.

Subtle and without boundaries Systema is a martial art that gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your self. It’s both an experience and a journey of self-discovery that helps you improve your health while tapping your full physical and psychological potentials.

Come as you are (and be yourself)

What’s new?

7June 2017

Systema Immersion

7 June 2017 @ 20:38|Comments Off on Systema Immersion

6June 2017

Friends’ week: discover other martial arts

6 June 2017 @ 20:28|Comments Off on Friends’ week: discover other martial arts

14April 2017

Self confiance avant tout! (11/4/2017)

14 April 2017 @ 18:13|Comments Off on Self confiance avant tout! (11/4/2017)

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