Personal well-being though Systema

Systema is fundamentally aimed at helping you stay healthy and taking care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. This dimension of the martial art is basically focused on breathing and relaxation techniques that help you get rid of your inner tensions.

These techniques are usually combined with stretching and other exercises that strengthen your muscles. This is how your tendons and joints with become stronger and more flexible. By breathing in a conscious manner your body cells will better absorb the oxygen you’re breathing in, and, in turn, your immune system will become stronger.

It is only when we become aware of our tensions that we can completely relax and evacuate mental pressures that are imposed on us by our daily routines. These exercises can be practiced by anyone, it doesn’t matter how old or fit you are. You can do them alone or with a partner and by doing them you will learn how to breathe correctly. You will learn how to breathe in and out without creating further tensions inside your body. Furthermore, you will be taught how to breathe with little physical effort in order not to heighten your blood pressure by stopping breathing, be it involuntarily or without even realizing it.

Usually, when we are overtaken and guided by our emotions, we tend to stiffen, to hold our breath, and our blood pressure rises. This makes us tense and our body vulnerable. Both fear and anger, emotions we encounter on a daily basis, make us tense. Simple, playful exercises can help us reconnect to our body by making us aware of such reflexes and teaching us techniques that allow us to prevent tension altogether.

Since Systema is aimed at the individual and their needs, you can take all the time you need to explore your body’s reactions to stress and how to relax. By breathing correctly, your nervous, alimentary and respiratory systems will slow down and lead you towards a state of complete relaxation. You will thus allow your whole body to breathe!